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23rd World Jamboree 2015 - Kirarahama, Japan

2015 World Boy Scout Jamboree - Japan
2015 World Boy Scout Jamboree

The 23rd World Scout Jamboree will be held in the year 2015.

The World Jamboree will be located on Kirarahama, or Kirara Beach, in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The Japanese word "kirara" means mica: Kirara Beach offers a beautiful landscape in front of which the Seto Inland Sea glitters in the sunlight just like mica.

Located in the westernmost part of the Honshu Island, Yamaguchi Prefecture has been active in trade with the Asian continent from ancient times, representing a meeting point of Japanese culture and foreign cultures. Access to the site is easy by high-speed transportation systems such as airplanes and Shinkansen bullet trains.

The theme for the event is Wa: A Spirit of Unity," of which the Japanese kanji symbol is also a part. In Japanese symbol (see picture) means unity, harmony, a spirit of unity, cooperation, friendship, peace, and total, and also encapsulates the culture of Japan. This theme was proposed because it can be incorporated into all the aspects of the Jamboree, and specifically that the following be the key words for this theme: Peace, Harmony, Solidarity.

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